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The Vinoks Apatite (fan film): INDIEGOGO Campaign

"The Vinok's Apatite" IndieGOGO campaign is officially live!!!
When Ivy steals a Jewel Encrusted Flower Crown from the Gotham Museum of Art, Batman must stop her.
Check out the INDIEGOGO page here:
It's not the Batman fanfilm you asked for, but its the one you deserve. Please help us out by donating and/or sharing the campaign with any friends, blogs, sites, etc. and let us make something super cool for you to enjoy. Let the adventure begin

Gop gap sketch478
Gop gap bats facial expression
Gop gap bats turnaround 3
Gop gap ivy facial expression
Gop gap ivy turnaround
Gop gap supes facial expression
Gop gap supes turnaround